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    Founder's Message

    Welcome to Simax, the No.1 plastic pallets supplier in Singapore. Until 2006, I was working in a multi-national company which required me to manage the logistics for regional distribution of its products.
    While searching for suitable logistics solutions, I discovered that pallets played a large role in determining the total cost of transportation of goods. Weight of pallets could significantly affect the air freight cost, or impact speed of movement of packaged goods. After extensive research and networking, I got acquainted with the manufacturers of plastic pallets and air freight pallets, Aeropal, which were patented in Australia. I was amazed at the remarkable performance of those plastic pallets which were less than one third of wood pallets weight.
    I saw it as a good business opportunity, to be able to distribute these cost-effective plastic pallets in Singapore and the neighbouring countries. Thus, Simax Materials Solutions was born, to be exclusive distributors of these patented pallets, which are light and recyclable.
    The initial months were challenging, as sales did not come in immediately. Business took off only after six months, when Hitachi, a leading multi-national manufacturer of hard-disk drives, became our first pallet customer. Since then, our portfolio of clients has grown to include companies in the biomedical, warehousing, food & beverages, manufacturing and hospitality sectors. I'm heartened by the progress of Simax, which now offers plastic containers, pallet boxes in addition to the full range of pallets.
    I'm proud to say that Simax is now the number-one seller with the widest range of plastic pallets in Singapore. Traditional wood pallet is heavy and have problem with pest, hence fumigation or heat treatment is required. Plastic pallets are lightweight, do not need fumigation for export and are eco-friendly. I foresee a growing demand for these light-weight pallets well into the distant future. I'm optimistic that we will be able to double our sales within the next three years.+

    Simon Tiong
    Managing Director