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    Pallet sizes, pallet dimensions and Simax product catalogues

    Simax offers different pallet sizes and pallet dimensions to cater and meet the requirements of each industry that our customers operate in. If you would like to know more about our pallet technical specifications, please refer to the specific products under, or you may download the PDF brochures for pallets and other products on this webpage below.  Please contact us for more details, and assistance with your specific needs.

    The information below is the most common pallet sizes and dimensions used in the world today. The American industry uses the standard size of 48x40” or 1220x1060mm; which is used mainly in North America, and the 1200x800mm (Euro size) is more commonly used in Europe. Asia pallet size follows Japan at 1100X1100mm. Since Asia companies export to US and Europe, the other two pallet sizes are common in Singapore.

          Product               Item L x W x H (Dimension) mm Country
    Plastic Pallets PPPG1210LW  (HDPE) 1200x1000x135 Asia
      PPPG1208LW-  (PP) 1200x800x135 Europe
      PPTA1111- (PP) 1100x1100x135 United States, Asia
    Airfreight Pallets PFBK0608L – Foam + HDPE Coating 800x600x150 Europe
      PFOA80039 - Foam + HDPE Coating 1210x1016x150 United States
      PFFP1208L - Foam + HDPE Coating 1200x800x150 Europe
    Paper Pallets PHCR1208 1200x800x130 Europe
      PHCR0608 800x600x130 Europe
    Note: HDPE – High Density Polyethylene; PP – Polypropylene