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    Pallet Guide

    What are Pallets?

    Pallets are portable platforms for moving and storing goods that are stacked on them.
    There are different kinds of pallets available in the market. They are categorized based on
    purpose, types of materials used and by dimensions.



    Export pallet:

    • Mainly Non rackable 
    • Cheaper
    • Less durable
    • May not be strong enough for long term use on racking frames

    Storage pallet:

    • Mainly rackable   
    • More expensive
    • Durable
    • Durable and can be used on racking frames like drive in racks


    Wood pallet 

    • Cheap
    • Traditional material
    • Problem with pest, hence fumigation or heat treatment requirement (ISPM 15)
    • Not durable
    • Damage to cargo from protruding nails
    • Easily damaged by water.

    Plastic pallet

    • Ten percent more costly than wood
    • No need fumigation for export
    • Satisfy Good Storage Practice for food and pharmaceutical as it is pest free.
    • Half the weight of wood pallet
    • Waterproof, able to handle wet environment.

    Airfreight pallet

    • More costly, but the higher cost is recovered by high airfreight weight savings
    • Eco-friendly, renewable and recyclable resource
    • Patent product and Lightest Durable pallet in the world at 1.5 kg each
    • No damage to cargo as there is no nails
    • Clean when new, and fumigation is not needed for export

    Paper pallet

    • Same price as wood pallet
    • Eco-friendly, renewable and recyclable resource
    • One third weight of wood pallet
    • No damage to cargo as there is no nails
    • Clean when new, and fumigation is not needed for export
    • Disintegrate upon contact with water.


    Dimension (mm) Region mostly used in
    1200 x 800 Europe
    1200 x 1000 Europe, Asia
    1100 x 1100 Asia
    1220 x 1016 North America

    Advice to Customers
    • As there are various types of pallets available, it is always best to first know what kind of pallet meets your needs.