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Looking for an inexpensive bidet in your bathroom that offers a hygenic way to clean after toilet use ?

Non-electric bidet seats are perfect for users looking for a simple bidet solution that’s built into the toilet seat., features as follows ;

  • Built-in bidet washing (Duel Nozzles)
  • Material - 100% pure pp (Plastic)
  • Colour - white
  • Soft close (anti slam) 
  • Hygenic and clean

Easy installation which you can do it by yourself;

  • Instal as an attachment to toilet seats in HDBs , BTOs, Condos and Landed houses 
  • Easy to instal and uninstal
  • Ideal for the elderly, disabled , pregnant women and young children
  • Does not require battery or electricity


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For V shape toilet bowl
Item: BCA
S$69.00 In Stock
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For O shape toilet bowl
Item: BCB
S$69.00 In Stock
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For D shape toilet bowl
Item: BCC
S$69.00 In Stock
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