Incorporated in 2006, Simax has grown to be the No.1 plastic pallet supplier in Singapore with a branch office in China. Besides having technical knowledge on pallets, our founders have more than 25 years of experience in MNCs’ manufacturing, procurement, warehouse management and logistics professions. This enables Simax to provide the best solutions to our MNC customers like 3M, Emerson, Merck and Varta. We pride ourselves in being able to supply the full range of green packaging solutions, focusing on plastic pallets, plastic containers and pallet box at an economical price with exceptional quality.
Simax sources plastic pallets, plastic containers, pallet boxes that meet superior engineering and standard quality manufactured from three different countries. ( mainly from Europe )  Simax also collaborates with partners that are awarded the ISO 9001 certification. All our pallets are ISPM15 Exempt and are being used for the Bio-Medical, Warehousing, Food & Beverages, Manufacturing and Hospitality industries.
The high quality of our plastic pallets, plastic containers, pallet boxes are ensured through continuous in-process inspections and tests. In addition, our plastic pallets are tested by authorized testing laboratories, ( Determined according to ISO 8611 ) ensures that our products meet the highest technical standards while keeping our customers’ demands in mind.

Simax is also committed to efficiency and innovation. We are the exclusive distributor of pallet boxes in Singapore that allows for online purchase with detailed specifications of our products. With our warehouse facility and inventory on hand in Singapore, we are able to support deliveries within two working day to all our customers. See more on Simax's warehouse.
Our sister company, Greenmax Lighting, is also built on similar strengths, to provide environmentally-friendly lighting products.


To develop and market cost-effective green products and services for our industrial and commercial customers.  


To be a leader in Singapore and ASEAN countries for green packaging solutions, focusing on pallets to greatly enhance working environment.