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Petrochemical Corporation Of Singapore (Private) Limited; Spill Pallet meeting their needs

David Tng (PCS)
Fri 14/6/2019 10:36 AM

RE: 30 pcs Spill Pallets frDavid Tng (PCS) om Europe Quality and New Requirements

Hi Simon,


We are looking at providing secondary containment for spillage should there be any leakages from the lubricating oil stored here. Your spill pallets provide a very flexible yet cost effective way to mitigate this risk. The pallets are very robustly built and able to withstand 3 tier palletised loads (about one ton). Moreover these pallets could be moved at ease to any location as and when needed and hence provide the much needed flexibility to cater for any changing needs/demands.




David Tng Tien Huat

Petrochemical Corporation Of Singapore (Private) Limited