Case Studies


ISO 8611:2011(E) refers to a 3-part set of internationally-recognised guidelines used to assess the overall quality of storage pallets after putting them through a lengthy series of tests. Properties such as durability, racking capability and even payload slip resistance are thoroughly tested.
Suppliers (like Simax) that have acquired this ISO accreditation have ensured that their pallets have reached a high standard of product quality, and are expected to maintain said standard for all future customers.

Here is the final set of tests our pallets have undergone and passed:

10 Shear impact tests determine the effect on the pallet upon suffering intense horizontal impacts and its distortion resistance. A weight is loaded onto the pallet, which is in turn loaded onto a sliding assembly. The pallet is then released down an incline of 10 degrees, where it slams into a barrier before the deformation is measured, and the test is repeated as required. Picture 10 shows the entire setup with the pallet (6) and load (8) are to slide down distance L and slam into Z, Z’.

Picture 10

11 Top deck edge impact tests determine the resistance of the top leading deckboard to horizontal impacts caused by fork arms of a forklift truck. This test is similar to the Shear Impact Test, but the point of impact is replaced with a pair of forks resembling that of a forklift truck, and the edge of the top deck is impacted. Picture 11 shows the additional fork modifications, with 6 showing the structural shape, and 9 providing a top-down view of the pair.

Picture 11

12 Block impact tests determine the resistance of blocks, stringers and connections to horizontal impacts caused by fork arms of a forklift truck. This test is the same as test 11, except instead of the top leading deckboard, the supporting blocks between the decks are set as the target of impact. Picture 12 shows a top-down view where the blocks D and E are to be slammed into the two forks on the left at points 6.

Picture 12

13 Static coefficient of friction tests measure the slip resistance between the underside of the top deck of the unloaded test pallet and the standard fork of forklifts upon lifting. Picture 13 is a graphical representation of the concept behind this test.

Picture 13

14 Slip angle tests measure the slip resistance of payloads on the pallet by determining the angle at which the load begins to slide across the top loading surface. The test is done on the length and the width of the pallet. Picture 14 shows the general setup of the test, with the angle steadily increasing until the load slips.

Picture 14

Here at Simax, we ensure that products of only the highest quality are used by our customers through a thorough understanding of product quality control. View the ISO 8611 accreditation here.