Simax Solar Light Launched

Oct 2010
The first locally designed solar lamps will be launched in Singapore on Wednesday.

Simax Materials Solutions said the new range of indoor and outdoor lamps are alternatives for decorative and ambience lighting.

The managing director of Simax Materials Solutions, Simon Tiong, said: "The solar lamps currently available in the market are designed and made overseas. Most of such lamps I've seen are merely functional, with simplistic designs and limited range of colours.

"Our Solar Candles and Sun Jars will come in fun shapes and coloured shades to create different moods for different purposes."

Like other solar lamps, Simax's new lamps contain mini solar panels which capture the sun's rays and in turn charge batteries to light up a bulb.

The company said unlike candles which are conventionally used for creating a romantic atmosphere, its solar lamps will not be fire hazards.

It added that its solar lamps for outdoor use are designed to last longer without compromising on the brightness. They use lead batteries to sustain the light for a longer period.

Some have built-in motion sensors which make the lamps dimmer when no movement is detected - thus stored solar energy can be saved for later use, making the lamps last even longer.

Mr Tiong elaborated: "The biggest problem (with) existing outdoor solar lamps is that they don't last long enough after charging. The problem is worsened when there is heavy rain or if there isn't enough sunlight during the day.

"The light from the lamp will also be dim since the lamp doesn't get fully charged. Our new outdoor solar lamps have addressed that problem."

Simax said the lamps, which cost from as low as S$9, can be purchased directly from the company or ordered through its website.

Magnified view of an Apple Indoor light

Garden Solar Light (Water Lily shape)