Case Studies

Wincor Nixdorf - One of the Largest ATM manufacturers in the World

1. What are the Product and Services Wincor purchased and since when from Simax?
Crates, heavy duty cartons, pallets, shock watches, tilt watch, plastic bags and various types of packaging materials since year 2008

2. What were the problems you faced before you purchased from Simax?

Many suppliers bases for different packaging materials types, difficult to get “Should cost” according to market price transparency, lack of flexibility in operation and lack of engineering supports to manufacturing engineering

3. Why did Wincor choose Simax’s product and Services and how have Wincor benefited?

Consolidate suppliers bases, Simax provide packaging materials as one stop solution ( Sourcing ) for optimum “Should cost “, high flexibility in operation, prompt supports and services to engineering and design-in together

4. What were the packaging design and services Wincor has outsourced to Simax and what were the benefits to Wincor?

Products pre-stage, machines protective packaging types; delivery reliability and quality assurance.

5. Can Simax meet Wincor’s specific service requirements like delivery just in time, and ad hoc expediting including weekend deliveries?

Yes, definitely.

6. What is the usual lead time for Wincor to get Simax to response to meet Wincor Engineers to review product samples to be packed?

Short lead time as customer gave us short lead time to response.

7. Is Simax’s product and services worth the price paid for?

Competitive, yet rooms for improvement; expect Simax to bring in competitive total cost, should cost, new engineering proposal and sources of materials.

8. Would you recommend purchasing friends in other MNCs looking for packaging solutions to Simax and why?

Yes, co-operative work force from Simax, partnership, work as team attitude and win-win situation management.  

- Purchasing Manager                                                               - Purchasing Manager  
  Ms. Lew Lee Phing                                                                    Ms. Sylvia, Tan Swee Keng