Case Studies

Hitachi - Leading Hard Disk Drive Manufacturer

Attention: Simon Tiong, Simax Materials Solutions Pte Ltd

Sub: Testimonial Letter from Hitachi Super-lightweight Pallet

We greatly appreciate the airfreight cost reduction by 70 percent as a result of the proposal by SIMAX to change over to Aeropal TM lightest airfreight pallets from May 2008

Prior to May 2008, our warehouse materials handlers were using plywood pallets for airfreighting our hard disk drives from Singapore to USA, Europe and Asian countries. We experienced the following problems:
1. Plywood pallet weights 22kg and adds to airfreight costs. Aeropal pallet weights only 7kgs, 
    resulting in 15kg weight or 70 percent of previous air freight cost

2. The materials handlers were tired with handling the many pieces of heavy 22kg pallets which 
    may result in  dropping these heavy pallets or a safety hazard

3. Nails and Splinters were posing a hazard to our materials handlers.
Since the changeover to Aeropal, the above problems were completely solved. Our materials handlers were very pleased with the quality, prices and professional JIT services provided by SIMAX. We will certainly recommend these pallets to any company looking for innovative ways to save costs related to airfreight

Singapore Hitachi uses an average of 600 Aeropal pallets per month

Based on the above benefits and positive experiences, our sister companies Hitachi Thailand had changed over to Aeropal pallet in August 2008 followed by Hitachi Shenzhen in March 2009. Combined quantity for both locations is 4,000 pallets per month which resulted in very significiant airfreight savings for the Hitachi group

With Best Regards,
PK Cheng
Director, Production Control
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies Singapore Pte Ltd.