Case Studies

Written Article (Simax) by Singapore Institute of Management: Business Advisors Programme

April 2014
The Singapore Institute of Management has written an article in their book, Today’s Transformation Tomorrow’s Growth, on Simax, on how we diversified from paper and plastic pallets/containers (What are pallets) and the subsequent birth of our sister company, Greenmax Lighting, which sells LED and Solar lights and lamps in Singapore.

The author writes about how, even with a "portfolio of well-respected brand-names" in a variety of sectors and the "revenue turnover of S$2.6 million" we had in 2012, in the face of a more competitive packaging industry, we decided to "increase [our] range of product offerings to include green lighting products" for the sake of sustainable long-term growth.

Simax joined the SPRING-SIM Business Advisors Programme (BAP) in 2012 for their assistance in the "[development] of a new corporate identity", giving rise to Greenmax Lighting. Developing a renewed product positioning and marketing strategy under the guidance of "seasoned professionals on projects lasting up to six months", continuity was ensured through the adequate training of Simax's staff.

Our Managing Director, Mr Tiong, said of the experience, "our joint efforts and different perspectives enhanced creativity and broadened the options generated. It helps that the team was eager to learn and thrived on both changes and new challenges".

This story was originally published in SIM’s book, Today’s Transformation Tomorrow’s Growth.

The original article in .pdf form can be found here.